Nona Lee | DEI Consulting

Richard Birke

SVP and Executive Director, JAMS Institute

“Nona Lee did a terrific job engaging us with a presentation entitled “The Costs of Care-Less-Ness: Learning to Overcome Your Biases.” Her talk was personal, educational, practical and interesting. She was very easy to work with and was happy to spend the time needed to learn about who we were and to customize the presentation to our unique audience. The attendees were uniformly pleased – Thanks, Nona!”

Kyle Bowser

Senior Vice President | NAACP – Empowerment Programs

“A clear understanding and appreciation for the virtues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion depends on exposure to fact and embrace of truth. Nona Lee’s Truth DEI Consulting is uniquely adept at unpacking layers of miseducation, propaganda, and assumption to reveal the origins of social construct and the restorative measures required to move forward toward healthy, productive, and equitable outcomes.”


Derrick M. HALL

President & CEO | Arizona Diamondbacks

“Nona has become a sought-after event speaker and media guest, and has received numerous awards and recognitions both locally and nationally. Her passion for diversity, equity and inclusion work allowed us to create “D-backs for Change,” where she created thorough and impactful strategic plans in the areas of our workplace, our customers, our community and advocacy and collaboration. This powerful program has received great attention and has become the playbook and model for several other companies and sports teams, following her lead and direction. Indeed, we look forward to continuing to work with Nona as our diversity, equity and inclusion consultant.

Nona is smart, passionate, loyal and dedicated. She is as detail-oriented as any employee or organizational leader I have ever worked with. She has a proven track record for project management and completion. Her involvement in any organization or outside consulting will be a point of pride for the beneficiaries of her future involvement and contributions. The Arizona Diamondbacks and I wish her well as she focuses her time and energy on diversity, equality and inclusion consulting, and recommend her for such engagements.”

Tania Hahn 

President | Hahn Enterprises, Inc.

Thank you for coming to New Orleans and sitting down with my staff to discuss workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. The TRUTH presentation you delivered was both thought provoking and a conversation starter. There was no blame or shame, but rather open and engaging conversation about these topics. Although sometimes an uncomfortable topic, the Truth is we can all learn to challenge our biases (whether unconscious or not) to make a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace…and world!

Jeremy M. Evans

Chief Entrepreneur Officer, Founder & Managing Attorney | California Sports Lawyer

“Nona is a dynamic speaker and individual. Her tenacity, professionalism, and friendly nature are second to none. Nona has been a friend and colleague for many years and every time she speaks she impresses. Without hesitation, she is often asked to come back to speak again.”

Bendita Cynthia Malakia 

Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion | Hogan Lovells US LLP

Nona Lee is an authentic, engaging speaker who brings decades of personal and professional experience living and working as a multiple marginalized individual, specifically as a Black LGBTQ+ woman. As an experienced DEI executive, I find the perspectives Nona has shared through panels, board service and serving as a DEI leader among DEI leaders to be some of the most practical and insightful out there. If you are looking for a thoughtful, direct speaker on DEI issues from a seasoned executive, Nona would be my first choice.”

Layth Gafoor

Managing Partner | Lucentem Media Group Inc.

“Our sporting and entertainment organization had the pleasure of inviting Nona Lee to speak at an international event we hosted in Toronto. In spite of what I would call a difficult audience, Nona’s presentation somehow found a way to hit the mark with both our community stakeholder partners, as well as corporate sponsors, in such a seamless and effective manner. We were thrilled!

Nona’s presentation conveyed warmth and used simple, yet effective language to engage the audience – through sharing her incredible life’s journey and the use of practical and effective strategies when questions were asked.

I would not hesitate to recommend her company and her personal expertise in the area of DEI.”

John Ruzich

Chief Administrative Officer & Chief Legal Officer | LEGENDS

“I have known Nona Lee for almost two decades and she exemplifies every endearing quality of a thought leader. From a legal perspective, she has exceptional knowledge, negotiation skills, sound judgment, and strong writing skills. As a businessperson, Nona is creative, patient, a strong commutator, a good listener, and a visionary. Finally, as a person, Nona exemplifies what all individuals should aspire to be, compassionate, trustworthy, motivated, understanding, and passionate.

The professional sports business is one of the most competitive in the world, both on and off the field. It takes a special person to not only to break into the business but to also thrive. Nona Lee exemplifies this rare person. She is one of the most respected leaders in the business and has been a trailblazer for not only women, people of color, but for the gay community. As a senior member of the Arizona Diamondbacks leadership team, Nona has helped the organization on many critical fronts in a deliberate and thoughtful manner.

Finally, one of the most important things to know about Nona is her sense of obligation to give back to the community and young people overall. I have had the pleasure of hearing Nona speak at several prominent industry conferences and although I have always been impressed with the valuable messages she delivers, in a relatable and authentic way, what really resonated with me is that after her panels concluded, the time she spends with people, giving advice and giving her time to them.

Simply stated, Nona Lee is a role model, leader, and someone who makes people aspire to pursue their dreams and to become better people along that journey.”

Angela Lim

Vice President & Deputy General Counsel | Viz.ai.

“I am quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak on several panels with Nona. She has been someone who not only gives insightful comments but also candidly shares from her own experiences, which adds a certain authenticity that engenders trust with the panel and her audience. Her words clearly have an effect on other panel participants and listeners, as many, including myself, come away echoing her advice.”

Matthew Weaver

Executive Director – Client Development, North America |
Major, Lindsey & Africa

I had the pleasure of meeting Nona and listening to her speak at Major, Lindsey & Africa’s global meeting. She’s a wealth of knowledge, a pleasure to learn from and extremely genuine. Nona is a leading mind in the advancement of #DEI. It was a pleasure, Nona! I hope our paths cross again!



“Nona really kept the group engaged and made the group feel comfortable participating.

Although this is a sensitive topic she was able to deliver it clearly, she is very knowledgeable and we can tell she is passionate about it.

Overall the training went really smooth and we were able to reinforce this important message with our leaders. Nona is a really good trainer and knows her material well. It was great having her provide this training for our property.”

Scarlen Martinez

“Nona, you were the belle of the ball! Your deep insight and years working to make change really brought a much-needed perspective as someone who knows what it takes from the inside.”

Brian Ellis

Associate Dean for Academic Programs Administration | Drexel University

“I am delighted to provide this testimonial for Nona Lee in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies, as our recent commencement speaker. Nona’s insightful and inspiring address left a lasting impact on our students (and guest), as she challenged them to “stand in your power” to help change the world. Her eloquence, charisma, and commanding presence was on full display as she connected personally, with an audience filled of scholars, staff, students, and their families. Thanks Nona, looking forward to having you back on campus soon!”