Nona Lee | DEI Consulting

One-on-One Consulting

Nona’s VIP One-One Consulting is for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Organizational Leaders wanting to confidently be empowered with diversity, equity and inclusion knowledge to lead their organization to meaningful change.

VIPs will learn the TRUTH about where they currently stand with DEI and what they are willing to do to change. They will develop an understanding of the winning edge of having an inclusive team and will develop strategies to improve their culture and increase their bottom line.

VIP Coaching | Steps

Your WHY – Define your “why” behind creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive (“DE&I”) culture in your business.

Your Truth – Acknowledge the truth about where your business currently stands with DE&I, barriers to change, and what your business is really willing to do to change.

The Program – Based on your “why” and your “truth,” develop an in-depth understanding of what DE&I means, and how not having a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture impacts your business.

Winning Edge – Develop an understanding of the winning edge of having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.

Increase Your Revenue – Develop specific DE&I strategies that will improve your business culture, relationships with business partners and community members, and your bottom line.

Implementation – Develop a strategy for implementing DE&I in your organization.

Leadership Team Consulting

Leadership Team Consulting is for corporate leaders, athletic team members, and any organizational leaders looking to develop an understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion in order to create an inclusive team culture.

Leadership team members will learn the TRUTH about where they currently are with DEI, and understand they need to change the lens through which they see the world in order to align with the company’s DEI values.

Team Education

Team Education is for team members in a corporation, a sports organization, a school, or small business to understand diversity, equity, and inclusion; why it is important; and what their role is in creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture in their organization.

Do DEI Differently

The Other Boys of Summer

The Other Boys of Summer is an original DEI program featuring the critically acclaimed film which explores race, segregation and the lack of civil rights through the lens of America’s pastime. The film is narrated by the legendary Cicely Tyson and includes exclusive interviews with men and women who played alongside Jackie Robinson and changed America.

The program celebrates unsung trailblazers, connects the past to today and inspires tomorrow. It has a proven track record with companies, communities, schools and organizations for bringing people together, amplifying diverse voices, sparking conversations, mentorships and allies while improving culture and productivity.

Available as a stand-alone program and as an integral component of TRUTH DEI Leadership and Team Training.